Evil Crew History
- The selected few -

It all began a few years back, down in the suburbs where we all used to raise some hell.
An idea of a brotherhood a loyalty like no other.
A select few that would ride.
Party, raise hell and die for each other no matter what.
A family to rely on when your own forsakes you.
Men that practice what they preach and live after the motto

Never Forgive Never Forget.

These few men will bear the mark of evil on their right hand, So the world will see who they are. The brotherhood will never forsake you, never treat you bad, never cheat you, never steal from you always have your back, always share with you no matter what.
Every member is a warrior in him self with honor and respect.
If his lines are crossed he will Unleash The Evil upon those.

10 tigers are always stronger than a 100 lambs.

Evil Crew Mc are not bound to any motorcycle brand
and does not support anyone but ourselves

Because this is what is means to be a 1%er wich we pride ourselves in being.
A 1%er is always free, never supporting anyone, never being told what to do by others and always loyal to his colors,
no one chose's evil crew they chose you